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QPS Que!Fire 24x10x40x drive w/ CD-W524E mech.

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Warning: Some QPS Que!Fire 24x10x40x drives turn out to be entirely useless for Mac OS X users.


Wanted: a recommandation for a drive that works well with Mac OS X and Retrospect




I have a QPS Que!Fire 24x10x40x drive with Teac CD-W524E mechanism (which seems to be different from what most other "posters" have). And unfortunately the drive is entirely useless in my configuration:


- Mac OS 10.1.5


- Retrospect Express 4.3 and 5.0.205 - neither work


- Roxio Toast Titanium - I can get Toast to work if I start up in Mac OS 9.2; it doesn't work with classis.




I will try to get rid of this QPS drive. But how do I know what else to buy? I actually selected the QPS drive because it was highly recommended in published reviews (little did I know that I would have to look much more closely at the guts of the drive to make sure that this declared Mac compatible drive would actually work in a state-of-the-art Mac installation).



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I finally found some light at the end of the tunnel. It appears that my LaCie drive (24x10x40x U&I) using the same drive mechanism (Teac CD-W524E) now appears to work. I have the latest Retrospect Desktop v5.0 patches plus the 2.9 updater.




The drive is not listed in the compatibility list, but some similar versions are. Toast, iTunes, and the finder also work. I'm finally happy with the drive 8 months after I got it.

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