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Can't compress and trouble matching


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I just tried to copy some files from my iomega portable EHD to a new computer. I learned that the most recent backup was 16 Jul 07!!! I went into retrospect to check the situation only to find that nothing's been successfully run since 20 Sep 07 and anything that was run had error messages such as trouble matching to backup set and can't compress backup set. What gives?

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It sounds like the backup has been failing with an error every day. If you include the exact error message being reported in the log, we may be able to provide specific info about the failure. The log may provide more info about what has actually been copied and what hasn't. Sometimes the backup works, but the catalog is damaged and isn't getting updated.


Overall, it is important to check the operations log on a regular bases to make sure the backup is working without any critical errors.

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