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Configurable Automatic Client Timeout

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If a brief glitch occurs in the network during a backup involving the Windows Agent, an error occurs along the lines:


Can't access volume Local Disk (C:) on server01, error -519 (network communication failed)


The problem is that this server misses all subsequent backups because the agent still thinks that it is in use by the server, and the server gets messages (only if you click on client properties and refresh) that the client is reserved, even days later.


I had to logon to the server, use the Retrospect agent from the control panel, flick the switch OFF then ON.


The feature request is a configurable client option where if a client doesn't actively communicate with a server during a backup for say a 24 hour period, it automatically ends the session and gets ready for the next one.


Also if the server could send an email alert an log an error if there exists a client that is included in a proactive script that hasn't been backed up in say 3 days due to "client reserved" reasons.

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