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StorSecure 300 from Indra Networks

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I know this is an old post but I too am interested in this card. Plus it's my first post, in case I goof it's on an old one ;)


I saw http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/27848/pid/110102/post/last/m/1/


That seemed fairly recent, so I contacted Indra and have been exchanging emails with Monish. At this time the PCI-X version of the SS 300 was quoted at $795, and with the PCI-E riser $895. Monish also mentioned they have a native PCI-E card in the works.


We just got a dedicated server for our backup (yesterday) so it'll be a bit before we have this all up and running but when we do I'll try to get back here and post my findings!

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Just an update for those that are looking into this... there was an issue with the card we ordered but luckily Indra caught the problem card before they shipped it to us. While we were waiting for the new PCI-e card to come out we bought a dedicated multicore server to handle Retrospect and now the card isn't needed... well for now :) If my client decides to get one of these cards in the future I'll write it up here.

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