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Repair Catalog problem


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I have been trying to help a friend who is trying to recover files from a computer. Her ex used retrospect, and all she has is a collection of .rdb files. I have tried to use the instructions posted here and in the FAQs to recover a catalog to no avail. I have retrospect

I navigate to Repair Catalog>Recreate from disks>All disks>then I browse to location of .rdb files>it shows nothing. If I have it search the whole disk, it just lists the existing backup sets it already knows about. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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You originally posted your Retrospect for Windows question in the Macintosh section of the forum. It has been moved.


The rdb files should be in a folder named 1-Backup Set Name. What is the name of your folder? When you do the catalog rebuild, you should try selecting the 1-Backup Set Name folder when trying to select the folder containing backup data.

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I think I have the folder names correct. See attached screen shots. Hopefully it's something simple I'm not seeing. If I click Open, it opens the folder and shows no files. There are a set of .rdb files in that folder. If I click instead, I get the message shown in the second screen shot.


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You may have a problem with these files or something may have renamed or even damaged the files. I would suggest a call directly to TS, we have helped people with this type of issue before, but it can be a little complex to try and fix in the forum.


The current version of Retrospect is 7.5.508, you are still using 7.0. I would try to download a trial to the the latest version and see if it has better luck.

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