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execution terminated unexpectedly, possibly due to a power failure or system crash


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Been getting this error for a while, sometimes the backup will finish, most times not. Just replaced the tape drive - went from an AIT-2 SCSI to an AIT-5 SCSI - not because of this error but we were hoping the error would go away with the drive replacement - sadly, it didn't. Another symptom we're seeing is Retrospect complains that it needs a certain tape when that tape is in the drive - don't know if it's related. The OS is Win 2003 and the server is about 2 years old.



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The version is 7.5.508. The driver update and hot fix version is


When Retrospect complains about the not having the right tape, it opens the window "please insert the tape named 2-set_name march 08 MWF" and that is exactly what the tape that's in is named.

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It hasn't happened in a while so I don't have a screen shot - sorry. When this happens, the name of the tape is exactly what retrospect is asking for - I've looked for typos and null spaces.


Do you think that the tape name issue is associated with the "execution terminated unexpectedly" error we are getting regularly?

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