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Cannot access retrospect folder after reinstall of Windows XP


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Hi, I am a newbie to the forum but glad to have found it. I recent "duplicated" all my data on my hard drive before performing a format and reinstall of Windows XP Home Edition. I am having 2 problems:


1. I was the primary account on my previous computer with the logon name Stealth. The account had admin priviledges and my computer name was SOS. I backed up most of my data files to the Stealth's Documents folder.


Now, after creating the same username "Stealth" and naming to computer "SOS", I can gain access to all of the other folders that were duplicated but not to the Stealth Documents. It gives me an error message to the effect of you cannot access this folder or you do not have priviledges or something along those lines.


Has anyone encountered this and if so, is there a work around? I really need to get to that data in a bad way.


2. This is less important but I followed the installation instructions and when trying to connect to the web or to my installation CD, Windows XP could not inf the correct driver and I get an error message that the device might not work properly but I can still see the device and access the files except for as noted above. I have Windows XP home edition and the latest version of Retrospect Light.


Thank you! I know this was a long post.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, my Stealth user account is set-up as an administrator account. I tried to create an administrator account using the user name "administrator" and Windows said that the administrator account already exists but it does not show up in the users area of the control panel?

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Hi - I am still having trouble accessing the folder on my retrospect express back-up drive. The exact error message is "H:\Backup of Drive C\Documents and Settings\Stealth\ is not accessible. Access is denied."


Can someone please point me in the right direction. This is frustrating - not being able to get to my data - after backing it up.


Thank you,


Stephen :taptap: :taptap: :taptap: :taptap:

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I am having the same issue. While I can access the folder's properties and change its attributes, read-only reverts to being checked every time.


This is after I did a clean install of XP, recataloged the backup set on my external drive, and restored a selection of files from the set to my internal HDD.

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It looks like this issue might be related to XP Simple File Sharing, which can be turned off, unless you have Windows XP Home Edition:

"Access is Denied" Error Message When You Try to Open a Folder


Naturally, I have XP Home. I was able to access the first folder by logging in as Administrator in Safe Mode and manually adding my main XP user account as a user with full permissions to the directory.


Is there a way to set Retrospect so it doesn't restore files with permissions set to the past user security ID? This is a significant problem for people that are restoring files after a clean OS install, like the OP and me.

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