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Express HD issues


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Bought a WD network drive a few months ago. Installed RE on a XP pro and a XP home machine. After a few days, it stopped working on the XP Pro (I posted about the problem here, but nobody seems to care). So much for regular backup. Now, after working on my XP home machine for a few months, it has also decided to stop working (backup failed, no restore points on the HD, although they ARE there). I've tried just about everything (upgrading, reinstalling, removing firewall, etc.) but nope, looks like the simple task of backing a few files is beyond the ken of this product. I think it's time to think about alternatives. I don't care paying, as long as it bloody WORKS!.


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If you can see the backup data on the external drive, but HD isn't see the restore points, I suspect you have a corrupt catalog file.


Exit HD, delete the .rbc file on the external disk. Open Express HD and it should display "backup maintenance in progress, please wait" when this finishes, the restore points should display again.

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