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Complete restore using Retrospect Express V6.5


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I'm in the process of restoring the windows partition on my iMac (Boot Camp installation) using a complete backup of all files made using V6.5. Basically, the partition became non-bootable with consistent blue screens (aside: be VERY afraid if you try to install Parallels software and use your Boot Camp partition, but I digress) so I recreated the partition and reinstalled WinXP SP2.


I'm now at a point where I could either just reinstall all my apps and install the user data from my backup (pretty straightforward but very time consuming) OR, and this is what I'd prefer to do, simply do a complete restore of the disk contents from my complete backup (on an external hard drive).


I've read the documentation and I think my best bet is to follow the "restore from a full backup" section on p. 85 of the manual. Does anyone see any reason why this wouldn't work on my setup? I noted in a recent, similar thread the suggestion of using a "live restore" in V7.5. Does that have an analogy in V6.5?


Thanks in advance,



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Woohoo! Worked perfectly.


Two very minor issues I'm curious about:


1. The "Restore Windows System State" option never presented itself to be selected in any step of the process nor any other place I could find. I was restoring from an external hard drive; does the option not apply in that case?


2. I was slightly surprised by the "dual restart" nature of finishing off the restore, which wasn't mentioned in the User's Guide. Hadn't expected that.


Version: 6.5.373


Thanks for the assistance but I hope I never need to repeat the procedure!




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