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complications during complete restore


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Using Retrospect 7.5 (updated) on XP with Seagate USB ext. harddrive, my operating system became corrupted, but I could boot into safe mode.


I ran a full update, including everything to bring the system back to a previous total backup date-- everything ran smoothly, but it apparently didn't replace corrupted files, which were presumably in registry or system files. Does that command not replace them?


So, I used disaster recovery disk, figurinng that would have to write over most everything. The wizard must have recognized my USB early on because it was one of the choices regarding which partition to replace, but after more drivers were loaded and the computer rebooted into the Wizard, Retrospect could not find the USB Hardrive as a choice for location of backup files. I tried another USB external hard drive, using every USB port, with no success. Any suggestions? Thanks

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>boot CD will not always include USB drivers


What do I do if I need to use the boot CD cause I can't boot into Windows or have to replace the hard drive? I have a fairly basic system, using the standard WinXP USB drivers. The partition on the USB HD is recognized after the CD bootup, but not within the Retrospect Restore Wizard..


>list exact steps of the live restore


1. Started restore wizard

2. selected backup set

3. Confirmed it was snapshot of c:

4. approved 'restore to original location"

5. selected the middle option 'rollback everything on c: exactly to xxx date

6. scanning then takes place of all files

7. took offer to preview, confirmed all files checked

8. I OK'ed the warning that all files on disk will be deleted, process begins and

9. couple of hours later restore is complete, and reboot is requested


It was immediately clear that corrupted system files were still there preventing reboot into Windows, except in safe mode,


thanks for any suggestions,





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What do I do if I need to use the boot CD cause I can't boot into Windows or have to replace the hard drive?


You install XP with the service pack installed during backup, then use Retrospect to do a full disk restore (I would not use wizard mode, I would use advanced mode)

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thanks for the suggestions.


Actually, once I tried restoring from the boot disk, I could no longer boot to the hard drive.


As I was trying different things, I ended up booting from the boot CD three or four times and it finally began loading a number of additional drivers and opened up in more powerful Win OS kernel than had originally installed with the boot CD the first few times.


I was surprised and pleased to see Retrospect then start and have no problem finding the USB drive. From there things installed quickly and flawlessly to restore my system successfully.


Next time I'll try the live restore using the advanced mode. That's a good tip.



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I wonder if this is relevant?


notice 5395


Can't find USB2 drives


Retrospect Disaster Recovery CD can build two different types of temp systems prior to restoring your data. Quick DR This default method contains most device driver types and allows you to restore data under most conditions. Standard DR If you use the Disaster Recovery CD to create a temporary system, but you are unable to locate USB2 devices under Windows XP or you are unable to access some RAID volumes, you can force Retrospect to create a more complete temporary system which will give you access to Windows Explore so you can add additional device drivers....

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