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Not reading barcodes on Quantum barcode lables part # 1700-003

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I am using a Quantum Superloader 3 with MacPro 10.4.9 and Retrospect 6.1.136 with driver


Previous backups were using the barcode lables that came with the drive and were named MJR725L3 etc.. and Retrospect read them and cataloged them fine. Going to "Configure" backup sets I could go to the "Members" tab and see what tape corresponded to what barcode.


I used up the barcode lables that came with the drive and purchased Quantum part # 1700-003 from Macmall (Labeled Quantum part # 3-02646-02 on the package) and Retrospect is not cataloging the barcodes anymore. Instead they are all getting the same barcode number left over from the original batch.


Just wondering if anyone else had this issue or if there is a solution other than just trying other lables.



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A few comments:


(1) You can also reset the barcode database using (almost) the procedure in this KB article (I pointed out the minor discrepancies in the steps a few years ago when I did it after support help under our service contract, but the article was never fixed):

Clearing Library Barcode Information


(2) Your resetting the config file will see if this is needed.


(3) It's painful if the barcode inventory is reset, because the only way to get the information back is to start a verify on every tape in your archive. Takes weeks. Been there, done that. I submitted a feature request a few years ago, and again in connection with the much-awaited Retrospect X, to either make the barcode inventory an editable text file, or else to provide a GUI interface to edit it. These suggestions were dismissed because I am apparently the only user who has requested this. See the feature requests, etc., in these forums.


(4) because the barcode inventory is stored in the config file along with everything else, and because there is no published interface spec for that file, there is no way for a user to write a simple little utility to change the barcode inventory. See the feature requests for a separate file with an interface spec.


(5) The best place to order barcodes is from Tri-Optic. They've got a full line, and you can specify your own coding. On our Exabyte VXA-2 with autoloader, I have the barcodes match our Retrospect tape member names, e.g.,

"1-A 0001", "2-A 0001", etc.,

"1-B 0002", "2-B 0002", etc.,

for members of alternating VXA-2 backup set names of:

"VXA Set A [001]", "VXA Set A [002]", etc.

"VXA Set B [001]", "VXA Set B [002]", etc.

(similar scheme for DAT, etc.).

Makes locating tapes by backup set name easy.


The Tri-Optic site is at:


Highly recommended. Good fast service, quality barcodes, low/reasonable prices.


(6) Avoid MacMall like the plague. Deceptive business practices, poor service, ship damaged goods and will not replace. Don't get me started on that. Been there.



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Yes, Robin, I knew that and addressed that possibility in my post (see item 2) that I was composing while you and he were troubleshooting (and I got an interruption from a client, delaying posting).


But the Tri-Optic information may be helpful to him if he has a bad set of barcodes. All barcodes I have gotten from Tri-Optic have "just worked". In fact, I sent a few sheets to EMC support (Walter Reed, before he left) a few years ago to aid in your testing of barcode stuff on Exabyte drives with autoloaders.



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Good point...


Both the Superloader 3 and Retrospect see the tape and the barcode number if I tell the superloader to put the tape in a slot and then make it do an inventory. So then I did a test backup making Retrospect load from the magazine instead of just putting the tape in the mailslot and it now sees the barcode. Yay!


I'll play with it a bit to see what needs to be done for future reference.


Thank you very much for your help!!

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