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"Replace if Source is Newer" seems to be replacing everything


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I am using EMC Retrospect Express 7.5, backing up to an Iomega NAS. I am running duplicates, because I just want certain folders backed up (i.e. just "My Documents" and "Desktop" files). I decided to create a script that would run once a week, and after the first backup (during which it backs up all the My Docs), I only want it to back up changed filed or new files on the subsequent backups. I assumed this would save a bunch of time, since on subsequent backups, EMC would compare the files in the backup folder on the NAS, with those files in my C: drives "My Docs" and then only backup the newly changed and new files.


In order to do this, I chose "replace if source is newer" as the option. The first backup ran fine, during which my entire My Docs was backed up appropriately. This backup took hours of course, because it was about 50 GB of information (music, pictures).


However, on the second backup, it took the exact same amount of time as the first backup. When the script runs, it sort of adds up all the files it plans to backup, and the number it came up with was the same roughly 50 GB or so. It also takes just as long as the first initial backup.


So I am confused, because I thought that when you choose "replace if source is newer," it makes subsequent backups very quick, right? Or am I misinterpreting how the "replace if source is newer" actually works.


Basically, what I want is to backup My Docs, and then every week, only back up those files in My Docs that have actually changed. Am I using the "replace if source is newer" incorrectly? Should I be using another option?


Any help is appreciated. I haven't been able to make any headway on this.



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No matter what option you select when doing a duplicate, Retrospect is only supposed to copy the files that are new or changed since the last duplicate operation.


If it is trying to copy every file again, then either the destination has changed or the files do not look identical to Retrospect and they must be re-copied again. You may need to compare the file properties and try to find out what is different about the file, causing it to be recopied.


I suspect a file date has changed when copying to the NAS box.

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I too am having this problem. I have checked and the duplicate files have the same file size, date and properties as the originals. If I perform a duplicate and then perform another duplicate immediately, it still copies everything. The "Duplicate file security information..." box is not ticked. This operation used to work perfectly but this problem started recently. Is it possible that a recent update has introduced a bug? If so, is it possible to go back a version? I am using 7.5.387 with hotfix and the update operation says I am completely up to date.

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