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Where are the logfiles?


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I'm using Retrospect Express HD on Windows. I had a failure and would like to examine the logfile but the docs don't say where the logfiles are and so far I haven't been able to find them.


The issue is that backup is failing with the "folder nesting too deep" error.

But the little "view logfile" window only gives me a bit of the offending path:




---even though there is more room in the window, plus a horizontal scrollbar. I'm hoping the logfile will give me more information if I can view it directly.


Thanks for any tips,


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Yup, pretty limited. Thanks for the pointer. The log was no help but I did find the tree. XP seems to be replicating about 4 levels of directory on every reboot and now it is too deep for its own filesystem. Doesn't break my heart if that isn't backed up, and it does not appear to affect the remainder of the backup. Thanks again-

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