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Assertion failure at "provider.cpp-201"


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Since 3 days I'm no more able to do a backup, because my Restrospect 7.5 shows following error message when trying to start my incremental backup set:


Retrospect hat einen schweren Fehler festgestellt:

Assertion failure at "provider.cpp-201"


Dieser Fehler wurde in der Datei "assert_log.utx" protokolliert.




Can somebody help my with that problem?


Thanks a lot for your support!

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Hello Mayoff



What is your exact Retrospect version?


should be the newest one: Retrospect OEM Express 7.5.387; Driver Update & Hot Fix Version



What type of backup set is this?


An incremental backup-set which stores each day modified and new files on an external harddrive (WD MyBook)



When does the error happen exactly?


When Retrospect try to start the backup process. And even (I've just noticed that now because I want to check de backup set details) when I want open the preferences of this backup set in Retrospect Express



What troubleshooting have you tried?


New installation of Retrospect Express and Driver Update




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