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DVD Image small issue and 2 Questions


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After a system crash over the weekend I vowed to never have to spend 5-8 hrs rebuilding WindowsXP and accompanying software again. Thus my hunt for a decent backup program.




I had one hiccup with Retrospec. In the process of building the backup. Retrospect reported that it could not find my DVD-R or CD-R drives and that I need to assign letters to the drives before proceeding. However, in the next step, the program found the drives without a hitch. So this is an incorrect error message. My drives are "H" and "I" which may be the reason. Retrospect did record my "c" drive backup just fine to the DVD-R.




My questions are, is it possible to create a boot DVD-R disc that includes the backup file on it?




At present, I now have 1 CD with the Recovery image on it and 1 DVD with the backup on it. It would be nice to simply have this all contained on 1 Master Repair Disc.




#2 I have read that Express does not backup the registry. I don't understand the implications of this. If I have a system failure that requires me to Format C: will the Disaster Recovery CD and backup image restore my drive to the day I made the backup including the registry?




- What is the difference between Retrospect Express and Retrospect Desktop?




One final thought. After creating the Disaster Recovery ISO, it would be helpful to include in the steps a note that the successfully created ISO must now be burned to the CD-R with burning software such as EZCD Creator, Discjuggler, etc.... After seeing your program burn the backup info to DVD, one can easily assume that your program is capable of burning the ISO itself, without the need for another program. The average joe is not going to realize this and that ISO image is just going to sit in the My Documents folder. Consequently, it would be better if your program did handle the whole project.

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You must do it the way you have it -


"At present, I now have 1 CD with the Recovery image on it and 1 DVD with the backup on it. "






Express definately backs up the registry. It just doesn't DUPLICATE it. That is when you use the duplicate function in Retrospect it will not duplicate the registry. Your system doesn't run without a registry. This is an important item.

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