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failed scripted job stops subsequent jobs from running


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I have just installed the IOMEGA Rev drive onto a Windows XP PC at work. This PC is used mainly as server storage, and so doesn't have a monitor, and isn't used by anyone in the office normally. If we need to work on it, we remote on to it. the rest of the time , it justs sits there and hosts the shared folders.


The Rev drive is to backup the shared drives nightly, on a weekly cycle.


I have installed the Retrospect express and have just installed the latest update as well


having set up 5 backups jobs, Mon - Fri, to run ad 23.00 everynight, backing up to 5 tapes (Mondays backup uses the Monday tape, etc)


I now find that if the tapes are not changed on Tuesday, the Tuesday night job will prompt for media, and then just sit there waiting. Even when the users come in the next day, and put in Wednesdays tape, the backups are all just waiting for Tuesday's backup to run. Because there is no monitor on this PC, no one knows this, and so backups aren't running, and we only find out when we log in remotely to check.


we need an option for the back up jobs to time out after eg 5 hours. so that the next days backup job can run as normal.


I have tried ringing the support line, and after 14 attempts to get through, I was told that I would have to pay 40 euros for them to speak to me! This is a brand new device, and they wont help on the phone. Thats really bad customer service by any standard!


Hence this forum posting, anyone got any ideas how to set the scripted jobs to time out so that they wont seize all the schedule up?


the only option I have now, is to set up a batch file backup job in windows and use scheduler to run it!


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Retrospect is very picky about the media inserted.


If Retrospect is requesting the Tuesday disk, then you must insert the tuesday disk. If you insert the Monday disk, then the backup can not run.


If you miss a backup due to the wrong media being inserted, then you must stop the backup so that the next day's backup will be able to run and request the media for that day.

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what a PITA ! the problem is, that unless the users tell me that they forgot to change the tapes, I wont know unless I check the backups everyday. This isnt feasible with the size of the network and my workload. Looks like I'll have to bin the retrospect software and use MS backup or set up a batch script and run it through scheduler.


shame that the software cant just be modified slightly to add a timeout option.


Oh well, such is life!



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