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Duplicate hangs up with Leopard 10.5.1 and G-Tech Drive

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I've been using Retrospect successfully for a couple of years now on Macs and PCs at the office and at home. I've successfully duplicated and backed up multiple Mac OSs, Intel and non-Intel, and both XP and Vista. I've never had a problem with anything until now.


In attempting to back up a new MacBook Pro with Leopard and the newest update of Retrospect, I am unable to get the duplicate to finish. It duplicates all but a meg or two of the drive (there's plenty of space) and then switches to "Closing..." and runs through and endless loop of the same group of files and never resolves. Retrospect is still apparently active, but not really doing anything. I've let it run for hours and eventually stopped the duplicate. On examining the dup drive, the obvious stuff seems to have been duplicated, but the size is off by about 4 GB (lower than the original drive).


I've disabled Time Machine (I did make one TM backup right out of the box, on a 20GB partition I'll eventually use for Windows) and deselected the Time Machine backup drive, but that didn't help. I've reinstalled Retrospect. I've erased the external target drive partition many times over, just in case formatting was an issue. I've tried two different external target drives, both G-Tech G Drives, but nothing has worked.


Given that Leopard and Time Machine are the only new elements I haven't worked with before, I'm pretty sure they're at the root of the problem, but I can't find similar behavior described anywhere else. Thoughts?

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