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spontaneous rebooting

terry baldwin

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Ever since I put a new hard drive in my computer Retrospect Express 2.0.214 won't do a backup and it reboots my machine so nothing is written in it's log. It happens on a scheduled backup or a manual one. The only error message I get is you haven't backed up in 7 days. I have uninstalled and reinstalled I have put on a different removable hard drive with nothing on it so I could start fresh. I only have one computer and I have tried al the firewall options I can during the install.

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Retrospect can not restart your computer. I suspect you have either a hardware conflict that is forcing windows to restart the computer or you have a crash guard type utility that is restarting the computer when it detects a problem it doesn't like.


I used to get random reboots when copying data between firewire hard disks. It was caused by a bad FW card.


What does the Windows event log say about the restarts?

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