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original hard drive c: is not showing up on restore list


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Using win xp sp2, Backed up Jan.6 from c: on laptop to maxtor usb external drive f:. When I finished backing up Jan.6, I actually saw the "c: drive" offering on that restore selection screen as i wanted to make sure backup was successful. HP Lapout went to HP for service a week afterwards (motherboard was replaced). Laptop works fine now. Re-installed restospect 1.0 and 1.1 and maxtor one touch II. Attempting a restore to Jan. 6. On restore screen, the only applicable possibilties that show up are (hp recovery E:) and (maxor4laptop F:) How can I get the c: drive to re-appear on the restore selection screen? Thanks for helping me.

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The re-build didn't change anything. What puzzles me most is, when viewing the files on the usb maxtor, there are lots of them dated Jan.6, with .rbd extensions (I think, I'm not at home right now). I feel confident in my recollection that c: appeared back on Jan. 6. I wouldn't have left matters as complete then if I saw HP recovery e: drive on the restore selection screen. That is a drive that is not accessible from the operating system. c: is the main hard drive. d:is the dvd burner. E: is the hp recovery drive. F: was the maxtor. After return of laptop, maxtor is e: Puzzling. I feel the information is on the maxtor. Any other way to squeeze it out?

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