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MS SQL 2005/2008 Support?


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We have updated Retrospect for Windows to 7.6.123. This new version adds support for SQL 2008 and Exchange 2007 CCR.


other fixes:

Error -1128 (path too long) stops some operations: Previous versions of Retrospect would stop in the middle of a duplicate or restore operation if the path of the file was too long. Retrospect now logs an error and continues.


User Initiated Restore (UIR): UIR did not work in the previous version of Retrospect; this issue has been fixed.


Improved Vista Compatibility: This updated version of Retrospect, when used with the Windows client version 7.6.107 or later, will correctly not back up or copy files, folders, or volumes that have been specified as "Private". After updating the Windows client you will need to redefine your private files/folders/volumes.


Support for MozyPro: This update adds support for MozyPro. Previously only MozyHome was supported from within Retrospect.


Exchange 2003 Enhancements:


This update fixes an issue in older versions where Exchange mailboxes were not automatically removed from Retrospects scripts when the mailbox was removed from the Exchange server.


Improved Compatibility with NAS devices: Older versions of Retrospect could hang when backing up to NAS devices with the Open File Backup add-on.



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>>We have updated Retrospect for Windows to 7.6.123. etc


When are you going to fix UIR in 7.6? I was told by tech support the next service release it would be fixed and this update didn't fix it. We have clients who purchased this option and are disappointed with the lack of interest in correcting this problem that should not have slipped by QA before relasing 7.6.

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This update does fix it. Please uninstall UIR from add and remove programs and then run the UIR install option from Configure>Preferences in Retrospect.


We had also posted the fix to the forum about a month ago for anyone to download. That individual download was removed when this release came out.

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