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Is there a trick to free up space?


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I received an error 1115 which means there is not enough disk space to store this backup. I have deleted some of the older restore points and now there should be more than enough space on the Maxtor 100 GB drive. The backup maintance ran after the deletion. The "Use for Backup" column says "all available" and the amount of space available has not changed. Is there a trick to free up the space of the restore points I deleted?


The help also says to delete other files and folders that I do not need on destination drive but NOT to delete Restrospect Restore Points folder. Can I delete the Retrospect Duplicates folder? Not sure if I need this? It is not that big 3 GB so won't help a ton.

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I had restore points existing on the hard drive which I had deleted through retrospect express hd 1.1. They are *.rdb files, dated. I simply deleted them. It made no difference to restrospect which didn't recognize their existence. It did open up disk space.


Regarding missing restore points, I have had success with this problem by deleting the catalog file (*.rbc) then opening retrospect and giving it the time needed, which is considerable, to rebuild the catalog. A rebuilt catalog may miss some restore points which are on the hard drive and, as noted, I simply deleted those from the hard drive without complication.

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