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Problem with Automated Login to Network Computer

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In a Windows XP peer-to-peer network with Retrospect Pro 7.5.387 on my main computer, I am trying to save to a network drive a backup of files contained on my main computer. Both the main computer and network computer are located in my home office, and I am the exclusive user. I have configured the two computers for full file sharing and I use no password to log on to either computer. When I boot up, each computer takes me directly to its desktop without my having to log on. This is perfect for me, because I have no security issues in my home office. In Retrospect, I have successfully created a backup set that identifies the network drive. The Automatic Login dialog of the backup set, however, requires me to enter a "Connect as" name and asks for a "Password." I can enter my log on name for the network computer, but I have no password to enter. If I leave the password box in the Automatic Login dialog empty, the automatic login fails. I'm stumped. I don't know how to get past this log on barrier so that Retrospect will perform the automated backup. Can anyone please help? frown.gif

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Thanks very much for responding. I have been kind of at a loss. I've tried the solution you suggested but unfortunately could not get past the first page. I would really appreciate having some telephone or remote connection support. Is this kind of support something that you and/or EMC would provide for a fee?

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