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Retrospect 6 hanging issue during back-up


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Hi I have been running Retrospect 6 ( Version 6.0.222 OEM version) very happily and I have been really pleased with the ease of use.

It has just started to hang when it reaches certain files to copy over eg INFO2 on my C: system drive

Any suggestions to cure this?

Is the software able to be updated

Also what upgrade path should go for which gives me the same flexibility of Retrospect 6.

I have looked at the HD variant but it does not offer quite the same facility.



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I am having the same/similar issue & same Retro version. On my system, Retro will perform the backup (I usually select DUPLICATE for my needs) and it will freeze at whatever file happens to make it to 2GB remaining.


I had an issue (stalling) with the file [C:\system volume information\MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase], but I deselected it and managed to get a successful (minus a few open files) disk duplicate to my Maxtor external drive.


It was working fine, and then on subsequent backup (duplicate) attempts it started stalling/freezing with 2GB remaining. If I deselect whatever that file is and start the process over from the beginning, it will then work until it gets to the next file.....and then i have to "repeat" the tedious workaround.


Also, the only way to stop Retro when it stalls is to do an [End Task] from [Win Task Manager].


Some details:


Intel Core2Duo E4600 2.4GHz


Retro v6.0.222




Internal Partition1 - C: 70+GB / 40+GB free NTFS

Internal Partition2 - D: 70+GB / 9+GB free FAT

External USB2 750GB /"new" 700GB free NTFS







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