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Slow, Slow, Slow


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Can anybody help?


I've got a My Book World II 500GB Edition with Retrospect running a back up every week night. The back up itself while a bit slow is running fine, where my problem is when i use the retrospect software to try and restore a file it takes forever, sometimes over 30 mins just to open a directory so i can pick a file from it to restore.


Anyone know why? Its driving me potty.


Thanks in advance.

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I have sometimes noticed this too, both when navigating through the GUI when restoring and also when setting up a back up.


The problem seems to be the GUI screen not refreshing. So for example hit the restore button and go to the restore point list, click on restore point and the screen doesn't change at all. Wait for ages and eventually the screen will refresh and the restore point will be selected. Same thing when the next button is hit etc etc.


A weird work round when this happens is to right click on the GUI to bring up the menu and select check for updates. A dialogue box will come up saying it is up to date. Hit OK to get rid of the box and the screen will refresh straight away.


I have no idea what causes the problem, it is not processor or disk load related and is intermittent.


My set up:

EMC Retrospect Express HD 2.0.214

Windows XP SP2, 1GB RAM

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