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Sony LIB81 Setup and Dip settings

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Windows 2003 Server with Retrospect 7.5 updated to latest version...

Trying to setup a Sony LIB81 AIT3, struggling with getting the autoloader to accept ui commands. Not sure if the disable Removable Storage option within the preferences is the same as disabling from within the Device Mgr.

I also have a feeling that the problem lies in the autoloaders DIP switch options for enabling Loader Sel - autoloader option, as well as a contiguous mode and automatic loading mode. Please advise.

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Thanks Mayoff!


I thought the autoloader option was supposed to be on, and so that was my initial mistake. However, after setting the DIP switches back to default, Retrospect still would not recognize or control the loader correctly.

After some trial and error, and many restarts, I ended up using the disable option within Retrospect preferences and ALSO disabling the Sony items under Tape drive and Media Changers within Device Manager.


Interesting note, the Retrospect "Disable Removable Storage" preference seems to disable only the 1-8 SCSI drives under the Media Changer group, but leaves the actual 0 drive enabled, additionally, it doesn't disable the drive item within the Tape Drives group either. Once I disabled all of the entries in both, everything was good.


Works great now. Thanks again.

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