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Problem backing up Exchange Mailboxes

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Every three or four days, the Exchange Mailboxes backup set (which is set up as a disk, backing up to a Xserve Raid) reports status as "media." When I try to repair the backup set, it tells me the set is damaged beyond repair. The backup set has to be recreated when this occurs. It is the only backup set that exhibits this problem.


We are using Multi Server version 7.5.387


Any help would be appreciated. I have read through the manual; if I have missed anything obvious please point me to it.



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So far things seem to have worked for us. From the list you provided it was item 2 that seems to have fixed things for us. Here it is below:


2) Keep your catalog files saved to a local disk (like C:\) instead of a network volume. Do not save the catalog file to the same disk as your backup data files (.rdb files).

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