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can't install express


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Trying to install retrospect express 5.6 both from CD I purchased retail and from a newly downloaded version thinking I may have had a problem with the retail CD. I encounter installer error in both instances with message in a small windows installer dialogue box "the configuration data for this product is corrupt, contact your support personnel"




I am running XP Professional on a dell 8100 p4/1.6 ghhz PC.




Please help me.





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Sometimes this can indicate a problem with the InstallShield engine, and not with the actual data being installed.




I don't recall if this works for XP systems, but on 9x/NT/2k systems, sometimes deletion of the TEMP folder and recreation of that same folder solves the problem by "hosing out" InstallShield files that the engine is trying to use. Simply deleting the contents of that folder isn't always enough.




Retrospect 6.0 uses a new installer from Microsoft; you might have better luck with that. I would contact Technical Support if none of the above help.

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