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Two tape script

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I have retrospect server edition. I have one tape driver (onstream di30) and have windows nt 4 server.




I have two tapes that I want to use to backup to. The problem is that the user who change tape knows nothing about computers and can therefor not alter the program himselve. And I want the program to backup even though the wrong tape is in drive, for exampel if he forgets one day and the tapeorder gets changed.




So my question is if it possbile to let the program to backup to any media available. This is possible in other pogrames but they do not support my drive.

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In order to backup to either of those two tapes you need to be running a Backup Server script. A backup server script will go to any of your destinations that you have specified as long as one of them is available.




i.e. Make 2 backupsets (one for each tape).


Set them both up in your destination.


Run the Backup Server script at the time you wish. This should help you.




The only downfall is Backup Server script will not do a recycle backup! Only a Normal IncrementalPlus backup.

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