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Retrospect Client won't run on Tiger iBook

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I had a nice system for weekly backups going for over 1.5 years with Retrospect Workgroup 6.0.178 running on a Panther G4 desktop backing up an iBook G3 running Tiger (over airport) (v6.0.110). A month ago or so, the server stopped "seeing" the client on the network. I'm not sure if it was after the latest OS 10.4 update. I can access the ibook with personal file sharing without a problem.


I decided to update the latest client software from Insignia - 6.1.134 and installed it on the iBook.


Now the client will not run: "you cannot run the application because it is not supported on this architechture"


Huh? I checked - it is a PowerPC ap - not universal/intell. Is it unhappy with the G3?


Can I get an earlier client version that will work?


Any thoughts why I am having the network problem?

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Hi Bob,


When you say "the same error as above" are you talking about the "not supported on this architecture" error, or the original error that was reported when you could not see the client? You didn't actually specify what the original error was.


This is likely unrelated to the client, but you really should update the main Retrospect app to 6.1 if you're going to be dealing with a Tiger OS.

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