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Unable to open Retrospect after installation.

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I downloaded Retrospect 6.0 from the website to use for 30 days with the expectation that I will purchase the program at the end of that time. I received the product license code from Dantz to use during the 30 day period.


However, after downloading the program and installing it on my hard drive, I could not open the program. I get the following dialogue box:


The application Retrospect has unexpectedly quit.


The system and other applications have not been affected.


I have a Mac TiBook G4, OSX 10.2.8.


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you for your help.


Gay Castle

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Why wouldn't the program open using my old user name?



This is typically caused by some kind of corruption in the user account - but we wouldn't be able to pinpoint exactly what it is or why it occured. You may want to try a repair of the permissions on the drive through the Disk Utility program.

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