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confusing file version names: 5.1 or 4.2?

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This is just a comment to Dantz, rather than a question really.

I can install Retrospect ok, but the naming of the

Driver Update files is unnecessarily confusing.


In your Mac updates page


the Mac 5.1 area has a download for Driver Update 4.2.

The 4.2 update package contains a file called 5.1

driver update, which is actually version 4.2.105

according to Get Info in the Finder.


The Mac 5.1.175 download contains a file. It's called

5.1 driver update, but it's actually version 4.0.103.


This is all very, very, very confusing.

I gather that 5.1 refers to Retrospect's version

and 4.0 or 4.2 refers to the Update's version.

But this is far from obvious, and your file naming

does not help.


Why isn't any of this explained in any of the Readme files?

There's no mention of driver updates in

Read Me-Retrospect.htm, not even in the "late breaking news"

section. The file Read Me RDU.txt

has no mention of versions 5.1, 4.0, or 4.2. I mean,

what's the point of having a readme file anyway?


Why don't you just include the latest version (update 4.2) with the

latest version (retrospect 5.1.175)?


Why do you call it Driver Update 4.2 for downloading when

the file name is 5.1 Driver Update? If the driver is version 4.2,

why don't you name the file Driver Version 4.2?


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Understadably it is confusing but there is a method to the madness:


Dantz releases a new product version every 6 months to a year or so. In that time there are hundreds of new backup devices that hit the market. We can't rewrite and rerelease Retrospect every month so we have driver updates to fill in the gaps.


Our updates page is divided up by version so look for your updates under the heading of the version of Retrospect that you are using.



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