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Problem: Dantz Retrospect 5.1 trial version cannot recognize Retrospect Maxtor Personal Storage 5000

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Dear Retrospect Forum


Problem: Dantz Retrospect 5.1 trial version cannot recognize Retrospect Maxtor Personal Storage 5000XT


A few days ago I bought a Maxtor Personal Storage 5000XT 250GB/5400 RPM external hard disk (EDA No: 8A250J0080201 S/N: A80N20EE) bundled with Retrospect Express 5.0.

Despite have followed the installation description in all details (Among them Document “: 42098 Date 3/5/03) I have run into problems:

Retrospect does not recognize the Maxtor Personal Storage 5000XT despite it is mounted at the desktop and fully accessible in all other ways. (An Imation SuperDisk Drive can be recognized and the built in Pioneer DVD/CD-RW drive too –but not the Maxtor)

The one touch script do not occur in Retrospect/Scripts. Why has it not been installed? Should it not be installed by the 5000 Update for Mac OSX? Or?

I am running a G4 mirror door DP with OSX 10.2.6

The Maxtor 5000 Update for Mac OSX which I downloaded is a version 1.0 created 9 October 2002. Is it possible that this version is not updated for use with OSX 10.2.6? I can not find a newer version in Maxtor home page? Does it


Pushing the OneTouch button starts Retrospect, but immediately this message occurs: Sorry, Maxtor OneTouch Setup wizard cannot be used (module unavailable) OK. And then:

Trouble in Retrospect internal consistency check failed: Assertion check at ”module.c-654” QUIT

Trying to do the same with Retrospect 5.1 (trial version) do not better the situation.

Connecting via USB in stead of firewire no difference.

I am confused and a bit irritated – I have sought all available information’s at the Maxtor homepage but without result. Can anybody help me?


Looking forward to hear from somebody

With kind regards


Bernhard Dahlin D.D.S.


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I don't think the one touch feature is supported with Retrospect 5.1 yet. The one touch feature requires a special build of Retrospect. If using an icon on your desktop rather than the button is an acceptable solution we can do that. (just set up a script and create a "run document") Otherwise you will have to stick with version 5.0.236



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