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Multiple SCSI devices showing up

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After installing 5.0, I am seeing 15 instances of my AIT drive with SCSI ID's of every number but the setting the drive is actually set to. I am able to backup to or restore from the drive. When doing so, however, the first attempt fails with a device busy error. When immediately trying the same procedure again, the process completes normally.


What may be causing me to see my AIT drive listed 15 times in the device listing, except for the correct ID and is this leading to the device busy error I am receiving?


Thanks for any help.

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The AIT drive is part of a video editing system which utilizes an ATTO UL3D dual bus SCSI card. One bus takes care of a 4 drive bay with ID's 1-4. The tape drive is on the second bus with an ID of 7. All the SCSI devices show up properly in the system profiler.

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