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Retrospect OS X problems

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Since installing Retrospect workgroup under OSX Jaguar, I have not had one successful backup.


I am considering starting from scratch, reinstalling everything and recreating my catalogs with hopes of getting this to work.


Before I describe my problems, I have this questions:


Do I need to install either the server or the clients or both as root? I did not do that.


So far I have loaded every client, configured, and prepared them for backup.


My problems: Retrospect seems to be backing up certain machines and not others. On other days it does not run the script at all - then, when I launch the Retrospect in the morning it tries to begin running the script at that point. Some of the machines are reporting -1028 not found on the network.


Basically, I have some misconfiguration and I can't figure it out.







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You need to be running 5.0.238 in order to autolaunch in 10.2 and higher.




If you are running this version, and are still not auto-launching, try throwing away the RetroRun folder from Library/Startupitems. If you still experience the same issue, try a clean installation of Retrospect - uninstall / reboot / reinstall.

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