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Retrospect 5.0 and SDT-5000

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I have been using Retrospect 4.0 on a Mac G3 with a SCSI Tape Drive


(Sony model SDT-5000) under MAC OS system 9 for several years with


no problem.




Installed System 10 and the New Retrospect 5.0 and now the Tape Drive


nor any other disk on the SCSI chain can be seen by retrospect. The hard


drives show up on the desktop and can be accessed normally for file


operations, but retrospect Devices Info cannot see them.




In attempted backup operation, Retrospect complains it cannot see the


tape drive.




Hardware diagnostics show a properly terminated and operating SCSI chain.


The SDT-5000 is a qualified device. Any thought on what is happening


here ?




I'd appreciate any suggestion.
















Joseph J Kappl is the CEO of Peak Interactive Books, Inc, an original


publisher of interactive works in print, CD-ROM and web formats. He can


be reached at




Peak Interactive Books, Inc


31220 La Baya Drive #110


Westlake CA, 91362









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Please provide details on your configuration:




Retrospect Version and build


Computer Model and speed


OS X version and build


Device (from Retrospect's Configure > Devices > Device Status window)


Device firmware (in the version column of the Device Status window)


Device interface


Media brand and size


Other Devices


Adapter Card


Adapter Card firmware


Adapter Card driver for OS X








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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