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4.3 Retrospect license Not Working in 5.0 Update

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I have a 4.3 version of Macintosh Retrospect with a license that works fine in that version. I paid my $99.00 to upgrade to 5.0 Desktop and attempted to enter the valid 4.3 license (it starts with U and has 10 digits after that). No Go.




What am I doing wrong? I've checked and rechecked the number. I've entered the U in upper and lowercase. I've put spaces between the numbers, took out the spaces, put dashes in groups of 4, took them out. Never would the OK button highlight.




I'm running OSX 10.1.5 on a G4/450MP Graphite/Gigabit.








W. Earl Allen



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When you purchased your upgrade, you should have received a new 5.0-style license code. This is a 16 digit alpha-numeric code, and is now required to start the program initially in lieu of the 10 digit registration number.




If you no longer have this code, give customer service a call at 888.777.5664 and they can assist you.




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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