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Doesn't upgrade include clients??

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I just upgraded from Retrospect 4.0 to 5.0. I've been using Retrospect since version 1, over a decade ago. Older versions came with three clients, called 'Remotes' through version 3. The upgrade to verson 4 allowed us to continue using our Remotes as Clients.




However, 5.0 seems to require new 'license' numbers for the Clients, and I can't find them anywhere on the upgrade disk (purchased retail from MacMall).




Do I have to go and BUY new clients?! Is this another gift from the new Dantz, which wants us to pay $40 to get a simple installation question answered? Has Dantz been bought out by Intuit?




/Mr Lynn

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If you had clients previously, then you should have purchased an upgrade that covers both the application update and the client update. This should include four items:




1. The application updater software, to bring your 4.3 software to 5.0.




2. An application update license code.




3. 5.0 client software.




4. New 5.0 client licenses.




If you only have the application update and license, then it's likely that you did get the wrong upgrade, and you should call customer service to upgrade your client licenses as well. Then you will receive a 5.0 code that will allow you to log in clients to your 5.0 application, as well as a link to download the 5.0 client software.

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Well, isn't that wonderful!




I also received a reply (took three days) from Customer Service, telling me I should have purchased Restrospect 'Workgroup' (with 20 clients) rather than Retrospect 'Desktop'. The last time I upgraded (to version 4) the upgrade INCLUDED my three little Remotes (now clients), so naturally I assumed that the 'Workgroup' upgrade was for much higher-powered operations than mine. At the moment I'm using only one Client.




To upgrade to 'Workgroup' will cost me double. Or I can buy individual Clients for $30 apiece.




What has happened to this company, which used to be so reasonable and user-friendly? It was only a few months ago that I was able to e-mail Tech Support and get a pleasant, helpful response--for free! Is this the inevitable consequence of entering the cutthroat PC world?




Dantz: Most home and/or home-office users don't need 20 clients. But these days they do have more than one computer. Why not include a few clients with your regular ('Desktop') option, as you used to?




/Mr Lynn

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