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Strange Problem with Error 206

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I'm running into a perplexing problem.


Recently upgraded a machine to the mac mini, running 10.4.10 and upgraded Retrospect to 6.1.126. I also upgraded Retrospect on the client PowerPC G5 to 6.1.130 (also running Mac OS 10.4.10). I began backing up to a Newer Technology Mini Stack 500 GB external HD.


I got an error message last night from Retrospect: Error 505 (client is reserved).


Then, when I tried to run the scripts, I got an Error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc. I tried just plain copying some files to the external HD, and they copied fine.


I think what may have messed things up is that last night I reconnected the old G5 to the network that used to run my Retrospect backups, and it started trying to run the backup scripts automatically and I eventually shut down Retrospect.


When I found the errors in the Retrospect log on the Mini Mac, I tried pulling the network wire from the old G4, to see if it was interfering with Retrospect's ability to do backups, too no avail.


Then I tried doing a recycle backup on one of the folders. No go, same error message about bad media.


Then I tried creating a whole new script and destination folder and got an Error -36 (i/o error, bad media).


This is all even more mysterious to em, because a few months ago I bought a 500 GB WD external HD to use as a second backup drive, and after about a month of working fine, retrospect backing up both to a second internal HD in the old G4 as well as to the Seagate, I started getting the Error 206. So I figured something was wrong with the Seagate and sent it back for a replacement. Got a replacement and the same thing happened after about a month with the new Seagate.


It's been about a month since I got the new external HD and now it's happening again. Any suggestions would eb hugely appreciated.


I was thinking maybe I should wipe the external HD and start over, and see if it works OK...maybe something went haywire when the two versions of Retrospect were both trying to backup my G5?

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Thank you so much for your post, Mayoff. It pointed me in the direction I needed to go: check the client machine for problems, which I found and repaired.


It didn't occur to me, for some reason, that the problem that Retrospect was reporting was on the client; I automatically assumed it was a problem with the external backup drive. This explains why I've gotten the same error on three brand new drives in the past couple of months. And I kept returning the drives for replacements, thinking they were defective!


Again, thanks so much.

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