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Odd behavior with Retrospect 6.1.138 under Leopard

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So, I figured I'd try this.


I installed 6.1.138 in 10.4.10 -- proved it worked.


Updated my 10.4.10 machine to 10.5.


Launched Retrospect.


As I was making a new backup set, my *backup server* script launched -- so I had that running in a separate window while I was editing the information about a backup set.


I've never seen anything similar in 10.4.10.


This shouldn't be doing this, should it?

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I should have thought to get a screen shot. Sorry.


I had created the backup set (so I had "Backup Sets" open)


I was then going to set the set to be compressed, so I had the *set* window open


Then the backup server window popped up!


This was after I had rebooted and Retrospect had autostarted. I don't know how long I had passed while doing this (ie, was it long enough that the backup server script would have auto-started after the program had launched? Probably...)


- Steve

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PPC Mac (G4 mini).


I didn't think to check if two copies of the app were on the dock (it may have seemed like that actually, but I don't recall there being another application splash screen launching.


I have 3 minis -- I updated all of them to 10.5 and saw the same thing happen on 2 of them (backup server launched while I was doing other stuff...)

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That may have been it. I can't say with certainty that it was with the first bootup after the upgrade (but it might have been...)


In my case, it would have been the backup server script running after that first bootup.


And, if it's limited to the first time you launch it after the upgrade, I'll never see it again...

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