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What should I do?

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I'm finding the upgrade/compatability issues with Retrospect a bit beyond my limited mental abilities, so maybe someone here can tell me what the right path is.




I've used Retrospect for years, running it on a Mac to back up that machine and a Windows machine across the LAN. I have a Seagate Travan TR5 tape backup drive.




I just upgraded to OS X, and thought that would be a good time to upgrade Retrospect as well. After paying for the Desktop upgrade, I now find that the new version/OS X no longer supports my tape drive, and that my existing Windows client licenses no longer work.




The Seagate site suggests running Retrospect in Classic mode (though the Retrospect 5.0 app doesn't seem to allow that (no "run in Classic" checkbox in Get Info), and advice on the forums here seems to discourage it), since Classic supports the drive. I'm only interested in backing up documents, not system stuff, so it may be OK for me despite the negative advice.




My conclusion is that I should get a refund for my upgrade purchase, and then run my old version of Retrospect, which will presumably run in Classic mode. This also avoids the client issues -- there doesn't seem to be an upgrade path for client licenses, you just have to buy new ones. Then maybe later, when the drive is supported, I might try the upgrade once more.




Is that the right path? Anyone have other suggestions? Any comments from tech support on when the TR5 will be supported again?





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