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Backup copies all files every day


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I have 30 retrospect clients, that mostly work well, but a couple of them get backed up by Proactive backup in full every day, rather than just their changed files. Reinstalling the client does not help. Clearly this is rather annoying for those users whose PCs are forced to be doing full backups most of each day!

I have Retrospect 7.5.387 running on Windows XP, clients are 7.5.116, also on XP. It makes no difference whether backing up to disk or tape. I have not tried using a scheduled backup rather than Proactive backup.

Any ideas?


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Thanks Mayoff for those suggestions, but the date stamps seem fine on backed up files and the originals. I've just done test backups to a different Retrospect server (running Windows 2003), and told proactive backup to do another backup (to disk) within a few hours of finishing the previous one. It did a full backup each time, which of course it shouldn't have done.

So the problem is not related to the server (though the config files have a common ancestor...).

Reinstalling the client didn't help.

I can't see how a daylight saving time issue would just affect just a few PCs out of 40.

What else is worth trying? A new blank config file? Tape instead of disk backup? Scheduled backup instead of proactive?

Does EMC have any debugging tools?

Thanks in advance,


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