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HD 2.0 really slow after install


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I love Retrospect on the Mac! So I knew this would be a great product on the PC.


Well, I just want to uninstall it and be done with the software....


After I installed Retrospect HD 2.0, the computer is very very very slow. Boot time went from 45 seconds to over 4.5 minutes. Then, it just chugs away in the background for another 20 minutes before user response is relatively acceptable.


I run the uninstall utility but the computer still responds poorly. I have looked all over for manual uninstall instructions. I've looked for a support number that might help but they all just point fingers at other companies. Does someone know how to get the software complete off the PC? Is there a FAQ already for this somewhere? Or will I have to rebuild the operating system to clean off this machine?



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Does Express HD still show in add/remove programs?


Do you have any Retro, Retrospect, RetroRun or launcher services running in the services control panel or system processes?


If those items don't exist, then Retrospect is not running in the background on your computer.

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