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How To Stop Deferred Execution


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KnowledgeBase searching is a black art. The search engine is the pits.


This particular question is posed about once a week in these forums. To me, that indicates that the user interface to the program needs to be, um, improved. I also suspect that there may be some sort of a bug that causes the program to get into this "deferred execution" mode. Otherwise, this question wouldn't be posed with such frequency. It shouldn't be so easy to get the program into this mode without the user realizing it.

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The next question is if a script is deferred how to you start it .


I read the tutorial and in my enthusiasm I clicked the X button while the deferred script was highlighted. That deleted the deferred script. I looked for but did not see a CONTINUE button.


I can manually start it, but it would have been nice to find a way to resume, restart, continue, whatever



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I have a twist on this topic.


I'm running Professional.


It was merrily backing up my computer every night... for years... then it stopped 4 days ago... the scheduled executions became marked as deferred, BUT ONLY those scheduled to run... all future ones were OK.


My deferred button is appropriately not selected.


I cleared the deferred ones from the schedule... ran them manually. The schedule looks clean and ready to go. Next morning ONLY the ones that were supposed to run that night were again marked deferred!


I'm perplexed as to even where to begin to look for the problem.


Anyone seen this sort of thing?




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