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SpectraLogic AIT tape library

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I have a SpectraLogic Spectra 2000 AIT tape library, aka "TreeFrog", that has been successfully attached to a Mac running retrospect 4.3.




We now need to connect the tape library to a Windows 2000 server. I have been unable to get Rerospect Server 5.6 operate the tape library. Retrospect recognizes that there is a SpectraLogic tape library with 15 slots, but it can't access any tapes or determine which slots are occupied. Retrospect also crashes sometimes with an "Assertion Failure". I can send the assert_log.utx file if it is helpful.




Using SpectraLogic's test utility I am able to move tapes and write test data from the Compaq server.




Configuration is:


Compaq DL360 running Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP2


Spectra 2000 AIT tape library


Connected via Compaq Integrated Smart Array Controller (on-board SCSI)


Retrospect Server for Windows 5.6




Thanks for your assistance with this problem.



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- Make sure ASPI is installed by running ASPICHK (installed into the Retrospect Program Files directory).


- Try updating the drivers for your SCSI card.


- Did you use this drive with another backup software program? If so, did it install any extraneous drivers? If it did, try uninstalling these.


- Try a different tape in your drive. If you're trying tapes of the same brand, try at least one of a different brand.


- Try minimizing your SCSI bus by taking off any other SCSI devices.


- Try using a different cable from the PC to the tape drive.


- Try using a different terminator on the back of the drive.


- Try swapping PCI slots the card is installed into.


- Finally, try bringing this drive to another PC and trying the backup. If it works here, you could be having a problem with either the SCSI card on the original machine or with the PC itself.

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I'm using 3.0, which was the latest version until yesterday... Now 3.1 is out. I haven't




My problem looks like it has been solved. I contacted Compaq tech support and they told me that the Integrated SCSI controller does not support "multi-LUN" devices (i.e. multiple slots, but only one or two can be loaded). A tape library IS a multi-LUN device...




I've now installed an Adaptec PCI SCSI controller. Finally I can load and unload tapes!!!!! I am now doing a test backup.









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