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Bad backup set header errors

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Hey all,


So here's where I'm at. Getting a bad backup set header on an archive that's a single file on a brand new 500 gig drive during the verification phase. I read the KB article on bad backup set headers, but it didn't give me much insight. Any cluse as to why I could be getting this? Thanks all.



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I am using retrospect 7.5 and am unable to get it to backup to single files at all. I have tried this on two servers, and it fails to both local disks and attached storage media. We get a 'Bad Backup Set header' error in the log files.


I have to say I'm thinking of switching to Backupexec because Retrospect is so shockingly bug ridden. This is just one of many problems we've had.

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One thing worth checking. I am getting this for DES encrypted backups (I also regularly get an assertion failure in des-cpp). I also speculate that the problem is actually in the verification, though I have still to do an exhaustive check of a backup that failed verification.


Has anyone seen this on backups that are unencrypted or not using DES?

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Several reasons to use Disk Backup Sets on Windows instead of File Backup Sets


1) File Backup Sets use more RAM during backup then Disk Sets

2) Disk backup Sets can span to multiple disk

3) Disk Backup Sets have the ability to Groom old data from the backup

4) Disk backup Sets are probably going to be faster then file

5) If a file backup set gets corrupted, you are hosed. With a Disk backup set, the data is broken into 600 MB chunks. You can live without one "chunK" if it gets corrupted.

6) Disk Backup Sets support UIR.

7) You can get properties on a Disk Backup Set Catalog file during backup.

8) You can restore from a disk backup set in the middle of a backup to the same set.

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That's good to hear. (I have good reasons for using file backups, but I don't want to confuse the discussion with that at the moment: it wasn't a random selection, but the reason for choosing Retrospect).


Given that the backups shouldn't be unreliable, can you suggest any way forward from the "bad backup set headers" message when doing a verification as part of the backup? I should say that there may be nothing wrong with the backups, since a later Verify Media does not give any suggestions of problems.


Should tech support be able to help, or will they just tell me to use Disk backups?

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