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How do I make express 6.5 work with Vista?


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I just did a clean install with Vista home premium. I had backed up my XP pro files with express 6.5 before the install. I tried to install express 6.5 from the cd disk but I get an incompatibily with vista error. I was unable to find a solution on the EMC website.


I am hoping to be able to install some files from the back up I had made.

What do I need to do to make this work?



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The matrix shows a $19.00 single user upgrade. Wizard shows a $49.00 upgrade. I'm confused.


Is this the one I should use?


Retrospect for Windows 7.5 CD and Docs

YU77A0075 Physical $19.95


Matrix does not give full version numbers. I dont want to order the wrong one. Especially with $9.00 for cheapest shipping!

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I also have the two acomdata (80GB) external drives connected do non-network windows desktops

The problem with upgrading the 6.5 to 7.5 on Vista is that, since Vista will not load the 6.5, it is also impossible to upgrade the Retrospect to 7.5. Forcing us to buy a whole new 7.5 for $49. That is not fair.


Any way around it. ?

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since Vista will not load the 6.5, it is also impossible to upgrade the Retrospect to 7.5.



What gave you that idea? You just install 7.5 under Vista and then enter the new license code.


Also, Retail full price for the product is well over $100 so $49 is upgrade pricing and not a "whole new Retrospect"

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Why do you provide an "update" (separate from the $49 for "upgrading") a version of Retrospect that came with a WD external USB one-touch drive. After installing the so-called "update" it demands a key (and the key from the 6.5 Version does not work) or purchase---at $119 by the way. So the so-called "update" becomes nothing more than an ad for a new program it's no clear that I even need. I want nothing more than to get what I paid for when I got the drive (and puu-lease don't give me the excuse that it was "free"---there is NO free lunch---I paid for it---and would like what I paid for).

I might even consider the $49 "upgrade" were it not for the horror stories on this forum concerning the fact that EMC Insignia has, for all practical purposes, abandoned the Retrospect product.


Bottom line is that I don't feel that I should have to pay for a new license code.

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You need to be much more specific. No "Update" for Retrospect 6.5 would ask for you to pay to use it.


An "Upgrade" would require you to pay since an "upgrade" contains new features and is not just a bug fix change.


What version did you originally have and what version did you try to "update" to?


Retrospect is not "abandoned" by any means. Not sure why you would think that.


The 6.5 version you want updated for free is over 3 years old

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