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2+ gig error on Macs - When will it be fixed?

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Come on folks it has been months with this error that keeps Mac users from backing up or restoring to DVD-R media if you have 2 gigs or ram or more installed.


I have years worth of DVD-R backups, so switching to +R is not a solution.


We need a fix! I'm sure one of your programmers can cure the issue if you let him take a look at it.



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Yes, a bug does exist in the current (and prior) RDU which will prevent the backup to DVD-R media. It has nothing to do with 2 GB of RAM.


The bug was introduced when we added Blue Ray support to Retrospect. This problem will get fixed.


DVD-R media can be used, if you utilize the older driver update. DVD+R media is a better choice for almost every drive, mostly because DVD+R was created for data backup, and it is typically much faster then DVD-R backup media (even with the older RDUs).

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Just as a comment, Robin, if you look back at the postings in these forums, problems started being noticed on various matters around RDU 6.1.9, and different problems with 6.1.10. Seems as if thorough software QC may have stopped after RDU 6.1.8, or else a junior programmer was assigned to the team.


Interestingly, RDU is dated September 28, 2006, which is just before the EMC layoffs / exodus / move to smaller quarters.



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