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Macintosh Driver Update

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Updated to Macintosh Driver Update and lost my overland libraypro ait3 tape drive.

It no longer show up as a device. All conections have been check. I have rebooted the computer and the library. How can i backup the driver update to what i had before.


It appears you are asking how to revert to an RDU earlier than RDU If so, then the RDU version history, with copies of all of the earlier (and current) versions of the RDU, are here:

RDU version history


If that's what you are trying to do, download an earlier RDU, quit Retrospect, replace the RDU with one of the earlier ones.


If your tape drive reappears when you revert to an earlier version, and if the symptom is repeatable when you try updating the RDU again, I suggest that you turn in a bug report to EMC.


Let us know your results.



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I am a new Mac (MacBook Pro 17 - OS X - version 10.4.10) user, and just bought/installed Retrospect version 6.0.204 - I also purchased a LaCie d2 quadra 320GB external hardrive w/ FireWire 800 to back up to.


When I plug in the external hard drive it shows up on my Mac desktop as an icon, but when I launch Retrospect it can't find the external hard drive to back up to. It tells me "removable media such as zip, etc. must be mounted on the desktop" it then tells me that "currenly visable devices" are "Matshita DVD-R" (which is the disk drive built into my Mac).


I need help in getting all of this to actually work and backup my hard drive. Please HELP!!



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> I ... just bought/installed Retrospect version 6.0.204


Interesting, since the current version is (and has been for a couple of years or so) 6.1.x.

I wonder who is selling such out of date software?


No matter; the update is free, and will work with the license code you got with the 6.0.x version.



> I also purchased a LaCie d2 quadra 320GB external hardrive w/ FireWire 800 to back up to.


Do you intend for this disk to store all of the data you back up? If so (if you don't intend to buy a second or third external drive with the intention of storing more then the 320 GB that this single drive holds) then you should create a File Backup Set, and when prompted for a location to save, save it to the new external drive.


You have no need for a "device" as Retrospect considers the term. All you need is a volume where you can store the File Backup Set's two files (foo_backup and foo_backup.cat).


Check the User's Guide for File Backup Sets for more information.



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