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Macintosh client installs with scripted password

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Anyone know of a way to either script a password into the Macintosh client installer or remove the requirement to have one. Our subnet is behind a firewall so illegitimate access to these machines is improbable. We are distributing the installer to several people on a campus and trying to keep track of different passwords for each client is not going to work. We use the key authentication with the windows installer and don't have any linux desktop machines. Any help would be appreciated.



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Sorry, I don't have the answer here. The password is stored in /Library/Preferences/retroclient.state

but the file is not editable text, and it seems to include the machine name, among other things, which seems to make it difficult to just push out a default retroclient.state file (but you might give that a try).


There is an AppleScript that seems to be able to let you reset the password:

Reset Retrospect Mac client's password

but that script is saved as "run only", and so isn't easily modifiable.


The client doesn't seem to have an AppleScript dictionary, so it seems difficult to tell it to change its own password.


Perhaps this might put you on the right track.



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Hmmm. With the windows msi installer, I set it up so it runs without interacting with the user at all. It installs windows scripting, then the client, and with a little help from a vbscript, emails me the machine name and user name and gives an all done message. I was hoping mac had some arguments I could pass to the install program similar to Microsoft's msi files. I'll have to come up with another solution. Thanks.

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