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So I'm using XenEnterprise which is a bare metal VM solution built on a linux foundation. I ran the RPM install and it seemed to install fine, no errors, etc. However I'm not seeing the client in Retrospect and I'm unable to test the IP. How can I verify in linux that the service is running? What other issues could there be?

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The daemon is started from /etc/init.d/rcl. Different flavors of linux have different ways of specifying that as a default program to launch when the server is booted. Usually, it's done with a symlink to that file in some rc.d directory. What happens if you run "/etc/init.d/rcl start" on the command line?


You can use "ps ax | grep retro" on the command line to see if the retrospect client daemon is running. You can use "netstat -l | grep 497" to see if anything is listening on Retrospect's port, 497.

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